The productive sector of Ecuador, which are part of both employers and workers, can be irreversibly affected, this being detrimental to economic and social development of Ecuador. Therefore, it is a duty of all Ecuadorians demand that the standards.

Currently, labor legal disputes have created uncertainty in the productive sector of the country, because cases that are public knowledge and are an example of what could happen in the future if not respected legal norms. In short, it is no longer legal situations be a particular problem to become a national problem.

Legal security is indispensable for a country seeking to develop in all areas. Respect for the laws and their enforcement is what gives legal certainty, not its mere statement. It is therefore important that these laws are known and respected by all.

The House has translated this principle in very simple words and easy to understand for all who make up society, in different socioeconomic strata, through a focused campaign CLEAR RULES ie: the laws exist and are public knowledge, therefore must be met.