Designing environments where children can play safely

playgroundWhen designing a play environment for children that is safe, the following four safety concerns should be considered which are; toxicity, security, personal injury and sanitation.

Personal injury

It is really important to note the difference between hazards and risk when designing a safe environment where children can play. A play environment for children should be good enough to offer both challenges and risks. A play environment that is too safe tends to get kids not only lazy and dormant but also too boring for them and this can, in turn, lead them to look and even find their kind of challenges in the games they are playing, and the tactics they are using can be hazardous. So a healthy play environment should expose the kids to risks and also challenges.

From the research done by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they drew a statistics of approximately 200000 injuries related to playgrounds that need emergency visits like almost every year. The relevance of the safety issues of the outdoor playgrounds relates to those the indoors play areas for the children. There are factors that affect security in issues related from physical injuries and they include;

Equipment design

In designing of a play equipment, two national standards are required. One of them being “Playground Equipment Safety Guidelines” run by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and the second being “Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playgrounds Equipment for Public Use” run by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The ASTM is in the process of finishing up safety and accessibility standards that are special contained equipment for playing that are soft.

Fall zone surfingplaygroundsecurity

Falls to the surface is the most leading and also the one that causes the most serious injuries. So coming up with surfaces that are shock absorbers help in the cubing of serious injuries and assist in cushion falling. Top Vancouver playground equipment companies in BC informed us that the old gravel method of absorbing the fall of children isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Appropriate age equipment

Different children develop differently. While designing a play equipment it should be designed depending on the age of the child. Equipment for a three-year-old might not serve the same purpose as for the one for a five-year-old child. Most injury cases are caused by the fact that young child uses and equipment for an older child. Designing different areas for play for different ages is a problem-solving solution to reducing injuries


Play environment should also be designed depending on the amount of supervision they will be getting from the adults. This is because a play environment that is totally safe when supervised can lead to injuries or hazardous when not supervised.


A place where children play is prone to have lice and all the types of diseases causing germs. A good play environment should be designed in a way that will make it easy to ensure and maintain cleanliness and sanitation. It is important that those places remain clean since at that tender age of children they tend to eat anything they find. Also, the objects that they play with should also be cleaned immediately after the child has used it.


Increased cases of children being kidnapped or abused by strangers have led to parents being afraid of letting their kids play in public cases. For parents to be comfortable, they require that the play areas of their children be designed in a place that ensures visibility all through. For security purposes, some play areas have gone ahead and introduced wristbands to facilitate entry so that the people in charge can ensure that a child leaves the place with the person that brought them.


The Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) have established creative supplies, crafts, toxicity, risks of health and other art standards. Materials that only bear the ACMI nontoxic seals are the one supposed to be bought for the use by children. ACMI has certified 60000 art craft and some other creative materials.